A Martinez

A Martinez in „Desolation Canyon“
„Two longtime friends, a retired lawman and an ex-gunman, have their friendship tested when they join forces to hunt down the gunman’s son, a bank-robber who has kidnapped his own son from his mother in ‚Desolation Canyon.'“Golden Globe winner Stacy Keach stars as Samuel Kendrick, a retired gunfighter living in an isolated cabin in Desolation Canyon with his common law wife. Patrick Duffy stars as Sheriff Tomas “Swede” Lundstrom, an old friend who fought with Sam on the Union side in the Civil War where Sam first earned his reputation as a deadeye shot. Following the war, both wild young men rode with an outlaw gang, but have subsequently reformed with Swede switching to the right side of the law. The two men are reunited on a mission to track down Sam’s estranged outlaw son, Johnny Kendrick, in an effort to save him from deeper trouble and possibly a violent death. „The skillful old gunman leads the hunt for his son, hoping to keep him alive. Danger looms as the men become trapped by the outlaw gang that Johnny is riding with.“Martinez stars as a Mexican Army captain named Arturo Zetta, who tracks the outlaw gang. Kenneth Johnson, Kelly Overton and Courtney Gains also star in the gritty drama.“Desolation Canyon” is produced by Robert Halmi, Jr. and Larry Levinson, directed by David S. Cass Sr. and written by Dan Fitzsimons.